Dope Music Promotions

Dope Music Promotions serves the best music promotion and management service in the market for affordable prices.Whether you are on Soudcloud,Spotify, Youtube or any other music platform here at Dope Music promotion you can grow your regular fanbase through our music promotion campaigns.

We can definitely help you to improve your Social Media presence by offering some simple, clean and effective campaigns packages with 100% results and satisfaction guaranteed!

We cover all type of  organic music promotions,designs,distributions,press releases,video editings and many more.  So look no further here is the best place to get a jump start for your music career.


Our Services

Dope Music Promotions provides all in one platform for artists to get all  music related services from one place just with few fingertips. Its super easy and fast. Go through our service list below.


Organic Campaigns

Dope Music Promotions provides super organic  and genre targeted music promotion campaigns for up coming artist to grow their regular fanbase step by step.

Youtube Campaign
Organic Exposure


& Upwards
Worldwide Engagements
Organic Reach
100% Interactions
Massively Helps in Video Ranking

Soundcloud Campaign
Organic Exposure


& Upwards
Worldwide Engagements
Organic Reach
100% Interactions
Helps To Build Fanbase

Spotify Campaign
Organic Exposure


& Upwards
Worldwide Engagements
Organic Reach
100% Engagements
Genre Targeted Playlists


What Our Customers Say 

We appreciate all of the feedback our customers have given us over the years. Thank you for allowing us to become your trusted music marketing agency. We will continue to provide the quality and service we’ve become known for, and will continue to look for new ways to exceed your expectations.

best music promotion reviews

“I always get a good amount of plays and I also get  followers when I use this website. Definitely one of the best SoundCloud promoter’s out there!Will be back very soon. Thank you!”

Richard Nhl Rich

Beat Maker
best music promotion reviews

“Highly recommend! Everything went great from start to finish! Ordered Soundcloud and Instagram services .All have completed within 12 hours. I tracked my results while promo going on. It  was a  high quality promo!! Will definitely be doing business again soon.”

Kevin Staxs

best music promotion reviews

“Job completely on time with good communication. Would like to do more purchase youtube service now. Very happy with the results and IF YOU WANT GET BOOSTED YOUR TRACKS THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE!!”

Adrian Cooper


More About DMP

Dope Music Promotions established as a company in 2016. At first they were on  different online market places and in 2018 they formed as a website to provide all music promotion services for upcoming artist to be famous. They have built thousands of customer base since then. In 2021 they have re established to provide all music related services.


How Important Is Promotion In Music Industry?

The more people are exposed to your music, the more potential listeners you can gain. By putting in place a strategy that gets your songs into more spaces, you are increasing your chances to become somebody’s favorite new band, setting off a word-of-mouth chain reaction that might land you your next gig.

It isn’t just about quantity — it’s about quality, too.  Reaching a wider audience through music promotion means you can have access not only to more fans, but also to better fans: the loyal die-hards.

Outstanding Results

You will not be disappointed in purchasing our service with estimations of 3 million audience that we have gained.

Premium Marketing

We use Premium Marketing Techniques to promote your music and gain as much attraction as possible.

Great Price

1$ starting price makes our service affordable and the greatest value for money to promote your music.

Fast Support

Need fast Support? Our team will always respond to any questions you might have within a 24 hour period.

Money Back Guarantee

If our team don’t deliver a service within 48 hours, you’re available to a full refund no questions asked.

Guaranteed Results

You will not be disappointed with our service with guaranteed real engagements to boost your music.

  • What is Dope Music Promotions?

    Dope Music Promotions is a music promotion service that helps artists grow their fanbase and reach a wider audience

  • What services does Dope Music Promotions offer
    Dope Music Promotions offers a variety of services, including organic music promotion, radio plays, music press releases, music uploading, graphic design, and music video editing.

  • How much does Dope Music Promotions cost?
     Dope Music Promotions offers a variety of pricing packages, starting at just as low as  3$ to 1500$.

  • What are the benefits of using Dope Music Promotions?
    Dope Music Promotions can help artists grow their fanbase, reach a wider audience, and get more exposure for their music.

  • How can I get started with Dope Music Promotions?
    You can get started with Dope Music Promotions by visiting their website and browsing their service list.

  • Which music promotion package is best fit to me?
    If you are looking for a music promotion campaign and stuck in my mind which plan is best fits you we are happy to assist you. The thing is its all depend on your intention.

    • If you an upcoming artists and really concern about 100% organic traffic and royalties you can go with our organic music promotion packages .
    • If you looking to boost your music with lots of streams likes and other engagements and make your music stuff go viral and popular you can use our premium promotion packages.
    • Further if you need increase numbers plays, likes, followers, comments reposts & shares if you use our boost promotion packages.

  • Is Dope Music Promotions a legitimate company?
    Dope Music Promotions has been in business since 2016 and has a good reputation among its customers.

  • What do Dope Music Promotions' customers say about their services?
    Dope Music Promotions’ customers say that they are happy with the results they have gotten from using the service. They say that Dope Music Promotions has helped them to get more plays, followers, and exposure for their music.

  • Where is Dope Music Promotions located?
    Dope Music Promotions has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and London, England.

  • Does Dope Music Promotions offer a money-back guarantee?
    Dope Music Promotions offers a money-back guarantee if they do not deliver a service within 48 hours.

  • How can I contact Dope Music Promotions?
    Dope Music Promotions can be contacted via email at or by phone at USA – +1 203-632-9329