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  • Front cover optimized for Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, Beatport
  • Commercial use 

What is an Album cover?

An amazing music album cover is the main highlight of a music CD. Get your item noticed with our stunning album cover artwork services designed by experts. You can specify your needs and get a custom-made design that will meet your needs exactly. In the music industry, it is best to have a remarkable album cover to get your music noticed. It helps in making a right type of buzz for your music and link with the audience.

Dope music promotions is the best album art company where you will get sparkly album print that comes with complete copyright. Tell me your ideas about your music logo that you believe will appeal to your audience and we will begin the designing process soon after that. Our designers will help develop an album cover for your music that suit rightly with it. A well-designed album cover will support a best deal to give an overhaul to your brand or band. It will channelize creativity  in your full work and help refine your existing identify.

Our expert album cover services will be completely formatted for Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc. We understand music and our designers will deliver match work for almost all types of genres, styles and beyond. Our designers use HD 3D applications to provide an epic finish to your album cover illustrations.

Our artistic team will help you in all types of services starting from logo selection to logo print and design. We provide album cover services at very cheap prices with assured standard. Our creative professionals are adept at translating your vision to reality and make a special album cover for your music. After in-depth analysis of your music and needs, we will design a creative album cover that would position you a cut above the rest.

Why album cover art is vital for your sales

Designing effective album cover artwork is very important. Cover art is the visual entryway to your music. It is also image listeners will link with your music.

First impressions are key to music discovery. Your album design and art will generally grabs someone’s focus before they listen to your music. Mainly on digital music platforms. Potential fans are also more likely to pay attention to your music when your album artwork emerge.

Album cover art is also an important part of music distribution and music promotion. The design you use to show your music is another way of branding yourself. It is a reflection of your style as much as your music.

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Creating sweet album cover is a vital part of gaining fans, releasing music, reaching new audiences, and advancing your music career. These common guidelines will make sure your cover art meets the needs of big music retailers and streaming services. They will also support you make effective art that will grab someone focus and get your music heard. Let our album cover design bring the wanted growth to your brand.

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