How To Grow Spotify Listeners in 2024?

How To Grow Spotify Listeners?
by Daniel Randwick

Today, in an ever-changing market, be you an artist, a label, or a band the promotion of your music on streaming platforms has become an essential step to put into consideration in the music industry.

With Spotify being at the top when it comes to streaming services worldwide, coupled with its self-proclamation of being a land of opportunities for fast-growing artists, it is now becoming vital for artists to expand their business on the platform and increase their streams.
Many developing artists are eager to take the easy road, seeking quicker ways to get maximum streams, but there really is no use in cheating by purchasing streams.

There’s a high possibility that Spotify could detect that you are buying streams and take action, possibly disabling your account permanently because it is against their stipulated terms of use. Hence, building up your visibility on the streaming platform organically and progressively is of the essence.
In the course of this article, we will be going over various ways of organic promotion by which you can boost your visibility on Spotify and get more plays. Strap on.

Spotify For Artists
The first step is to create or sign up for a Spotify for artist account. Once you do this, your account gets instantly verified which is an addition to your credibility. This feature is free and gives you the provision to know not only who your listeners are, but which of your songs is most popular with listeners. An additional feature is that you will have access to data analysis and notifications when your music gets added to playlists.

Submit Your Music To Curator Playlists
A curator playlist is a vital method to engage in Spotify promotion and build a stronger presence for your music. A sufficient amount of playlist curators can break a song or an artist. Seek out some of the best playlist curators on Spotify and have your song featured on them.

Create Your Own Playlist
The easiest way to gain more streams and increase your follower count is to create your own playlist. Be active, productive and oversee your own playlists. Starting up your own playlists on Spotify gives you the chance to bring your best tracks together in a place. You can have your playlist added to your homepage as well. It’s a wonderful way to advertise your craft and bring together your listeners. 

An additional trick is to work together with other artists on a playlist. Doing this will enable you to expose your songs and playlist to a larger audience. This will also help you gain more fans and better streams. It is important that you keep this playlist updated by adding tracks to it regularly. As you do this, your subscribers get notified every time you update your playlist. This technique also directs your listeners to consult your profile, which adds to the increase of the number of visitors on your profile, and an elevated stream count is not far-fetched. 

How To Grow Spotify ListenerS


Try organic Spotify promotion or Playlisting campaigns

With your own research or by asking for recommendations, you can buy organic Spotify promotion or playlisting campaigns. There are very few legit companies in the market who serve them. Dope Music Promotions, Omari Mc, You Grow Promo are few legit music promotion agencies. Spotify playlist pitching  is the most effective way to promote your music on Spotify without spending hundreds of bucks on your marketing.

Playlist pitching is the best way to get your music out to the audience that you’re looking for, resulting in great chance for engagement with your music, your social media and most important you as an upcoming artist.

Organic Spotify promotion strategies like SEO campaign, email campaign and google ads campaign will help you reach new potential fans on Spotify, grow up you streams/ listeners and fans.

These services are safe and bot free, organically-driven with huge reach, engagement, followers and streams.


Have An Active Social Media Presence 
The importance of having an active social media image can’t be overemphasized. A solid brand image on Spotify is important, but more important is a solid social media image. It’s a way to show off your music, and effectively build your identity. It’s vital to keep the connection with your fans alive. Keep them up-to-date with information and content that reflect your personality.

Promoting your playlists and new tracks on your different social media handles is a great way to remain active, engage your fans, and have more people engaging with your Spotify profile. This will keep your Spotify profile bobbling with activity as well. And active Spotify users, especially ones with high stream performance, are more likely to be placed on famous playlists. The more you convert your visitors from your Spotify promotion to listeners and streams, the more you’ll get the chance to pop up on custom playlists and searches. 

Use The Spotify Ad Studio
Maximize the use of the Spotify Ad Studio. Spotify Ad Studio is a publicity platform on Spotify that permits artists to start-up and oversee Spotify promotion campaigns effortlessly. With this avenue, you can make audio ads of at most 30 seconds and have users listen to them in between commercials.

Each ad has with it a clickable image in which a link of your choice, possibly one leading to your Spotify profile can be attached to allow listeners to access your profile easily. This unique feature enables you to trail the progress and expansion of your streams accurately, providing you with the ability to target fresh listeners by trends, demographics, or geography.

Reach Out To Influencers and Blogs
Since we are already in the spirit of sharing, don’t forget to reach out to popular music blogs and famous influencer accounts, especially on social media. If your song gets covered on a blog, it is most likely to be seen by people who already appreciate your genre of music. 

Record Labels shouldn’t be left out. Most labels constantly have Spotify playlists. Reach out to them as well. They might even be eager to sign your next tracks, thereby strengthening your relationship with them.
Use Spotify Codes 
Spotify codes are a sort of QR codes that can be added to your various media when engaging in an organic promotion. Using this code on your websites, and social media accounts will allow your fans to scan the code with the Spotify app scanner and engage with your profile easily.

Be Patient
Rome was not built in a day. Success doesn’t always come easily, and can’t be attained overnight. It’s essential therefore to be patient while staying active, releasing good music, and engaging with your audience. Other achievements will follow naturally!
So, if you’re looking to engage in organic promotion and generate more plays for your Spotify account, the tips provided in this article will be extremely beneficial to you.

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