Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down?

Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down?
by Daniel Randwick

Notice your Instagram followers change a lot, even when you don’t do anything? You’re not the only one. Many users see their numbers go up and down. This can be confusing and annoying. The reasons for this can be several. But knowing them can make your Instagram life more steady and enjoyable. So, let’s talk about why this happens and what you can do about it.

why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram follower numbers change a lot for most users.
  • To keep your counts steady, know why these changes happen.
  • Things like Instagram’s way of working, fake accounts, and how often you post affect your followers.
  • Putting up good posts regularly can keep your follower count from jumping around.
  • Learning about the latest Instagram news and rules can also help you keep more of your followers.

Understanding Instagram’s Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is key in showing your posts. It affects how many people see your content and like it. If Instagram changes its algorithm, your account’s reach may change. So, it’s smart to keep up with these changes and adjust how you use Instagram.

How the Algorithm Influences Your Follower Count

The algorithm looks at your posts, how people react, and when you post. For those with lots of followers, the algorithm matters a lot. If your posts get many likes and comments, you may gain more followers. Yet, if your posts get less attention, you might lose some.

Regular Updates and Changes

Instagram often tweaks its algorithm to make it better for users. But, these updates can change how many followers you have. For example, Instagram might show more posts from your friends. This change could make it harder for influencers and brands to reach people. So, it’s important to adjust your strategy. Doing so will help keep and grow your follower count, even with these changes.

Impact of Fake or Bot Accounts

Many Instagram users want more followers. They often deal with fake or inactive accounts.

Instagram fights against these fake accounts from time to time. When the false accounts are removed, a user’s follower count drops. This loss shows Instagram is working to keep things real. Seeing your follower count go down can be sad. But, it’s important to remember these followers were never real. Bots and fake accounts don’t help in having real conversations online.

“The presence of fake followers not only skews metrics but also undermines trust and authenticity on social media platforms.” – Instagram Spokesperson

Though losing these false followers might seem bad, it’s good in the long term. It makes sure your follower number is from real people. Instagram does this to keep its digital space healthy. It’s positive because it promotes real interactions. Users can expect this. It’s all part of aiming for truthful connections online.

Knowing about fake or inactive accounts and how they affect followers is key. It helps set reasonable growth goals. It pushes for genuine engagement instead of big, but empty, numbers.

Why Your Posting Frequency Matters

How often you post on Instagram directly affects how many people engage with you. It’s key to post just enough, not too much or too little. This way, you keep people interested and they keep growing in number.

Engaging Content vs. Low-Quality Posts

Posting often with bad content can make your followers leave. It shows that the quality of your posts is as important as how often you post. Good content makes people like, comment, and share.

It shows that the quality of your posts is as important as how often you post. Good content makes people like, comment, and share. It’s more creative and real, which keeps followers interested. But, bad posts only turn them away.

Consistency in Posting Schedule

If you post regularly, your followers will know when to check for new content. This keeps them interested and loyal. Yet, being consistent means more than just posting a lot. You have to keep your posts high in quality and always on topic.

Having a fixed schedule to post helps people find you more and engage with your content. Missing posts can lower your followers because they want steady and good content updates. So, be regular in your posts to keep your audience happy.

Effects of NSFW or Controversial Content

Posting such content on your Instagram can lead to serious results. Users might unfollow you if they don’t like or believe in what you share.

NSFW content

Community Guidelines and Account Suspensions

Instagram’s rules are vital to follow. Breaking them can lead to your account being temporarily suspended. Keep it up, and Instagram might ban you for good, cutting you off from your followers.

Audience Shift and Unfollowing

Sharing NSFW or very controversial content can shift your audience. Some might unfollow you because your content has changed. This can reduce your followers and lower how much they engage with your posts.

Responsible management of your Instagram account is key. It’s about knowing the platform’s rules and your audience well. Balancing your content is important to keep your followers and engagement steady.

Unfollowing and Follow-for-Follow Strategies

The follow for follow strategy is popular for quickly increasing social media followers. However, it often leads to followers unfollowing later on. This indiscriminate method can disrupt a reliable online presence.

People unfollow accounts for multiple reasons. They mainly do so when they feel the interaction isn’t genuine. By focusing on just raising their follower numbers, users miss out on actual conversations. As a result, their posts might not get meaningful likes and views, causing a drop in real engagement. This can lead to unfollows from accounts not finding the content valuable.

Also, the excitement of gaining many followers can fade quickly. This is especially true if these new followers don’t interact with their posts. In time, the lack of genuine interest becomes evident, prompting further unfollows. Such events can lead to a rollercoaster of follower counts.

To steadily grow followers, creating excellent content and real interactions is key. By avoiding the pitfalls of follow-for-follow, you can build a loyal audience. This audience can help maintain consistent likes and views on your posts.

Inactive Followers and Account Cleanup

Inactive followers lower your engagement rates on Instagram. It’s important to clean up your follower list. But do you know how Instagram sorts out these inactive accounts? And what clues help spot fake followers?

How Instagram Handles Inactive Accounts

Instagram uses automated tools to find inactive accounts. These tools check if an account hasn’t done much lately. If Instagram spots these, it might remove them. You’ll see your follower count change because of this.

Signs of Fake or Inactive Followers

Spotting fake or inactive followers is key for a real Instagram presence. Signs of these accounts include odd ratios, no profile pics, and little post engagement. Using special tools can make cleaning up your account easier.

  1. Check how active your followers are.
  2. See if they follow too many without much reason.
  3. Check how much they interact with their posts.

Cleaning up your account and keeping an eye out for inactivity boosts your realness and engagement. With proactive steps, you make sure your followers are truly interested. This helps create a lively community on Instagram.

Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down?

Many wonder, why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down? This happens due to various reasons. The number of followers on your Instagram changes for several causes.

  1. Changes in Instagram’s algorithm can make posts more or less visible. This directly affects how many people see your content and engage with it. Thus, your follower numbers fluctuate.
  2. Sometimes, Instagram removes fake or bot accounts. When this happens, you might see a sudden decrease in followers. This is because those accounts are no longer following you.
  3. How often you post is also important. If you start posting less, your followers might leave. They expect regular, high-quality content. If you don’t meet these expectations, they may unfollow you.
  4. Posting unsafe content or things that make people uncomfortable can drive followers away. They may not like what they see, choosing to unfollow you as a result.
  5. Some users follow others only to gain follows back. While this can increase your follower count quickly, these followers might unfollow you later. This can result in an unstable follower count over time.
  6. Inactive accounts are occasionally banned by Instagram. When this happens, your follower count might drop, as those accounts stop following you.

It’s good to know these reasons. Understanding them can help in handling your Instagram better. You can reduce the effect of these follower count changes.

Role of Hashtags and Content Strategy

Your Instagram followers’ number doesn’t stabilize with just one post. It takes a smart content strategy and smart use of hashtags to reach more people and increase interaction. By knowing and using these tools well, you can avoid fluctuating follower numbers.

content strategy

Effective Use of Hashtags

The true power of hashtags is in choosing the right ones, not just adding any tag to your post. Pick ones that your audience will connect with. This way, your content will be more visible, bringing in followers who are interested in the same things. But be careful not to use too-common or banned tags. Doing so could limit your post’s reach and affect your follower numbers in a negative way.

Planning Your Content Strategy

To keep your followers loyal, aim for posts that are both great and consistent. Good content planning ensures everything you share matches your brand. It also keeps your audience interested, which can prevent them from unfollowing you. Using various post styles, like carousels or stories, keeps your profile fresh and enticing.

By working on the right hashtags and content strategy, you’ll see your follower count grow more steadily. This leads to a better social media journey for you.

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The journey to understand Instagram follower counts has shown us a lot. We’ve learned that many things can make followers come and go. These include updates, fake accounts, and the quality of what you post.

A key point is to keep posting regularly and making your posts interesting. This shows your followers that you’re reliable and real. It’s also important to avoid posts that are not safe for work or too controversial. With these efforts, you can attract more loyal followers.

Also, knowing about bots and inactive accounts helps us see follower drops differently. For example, some might unfollow you if they were only following you to get a follow back. Or, Instagram might remove fake accounts in a cleanup. These drops can actually make your audience better.

By understanding all this, Instagram users can grow in a smarter way. They can focus on using hashtags well and creating real interactions. This approach helps in building a strong, lasting presence on Instagram.


Why do I notice fluctuations in my Instagram follower count?

It’s common to see fluctuations in your follower count on Instagram. Several factors can contribute to this, such as unfollowing, new followers, inactive accounts, or changes in Instagram’s algorithm.

How do inactive followers affect my follower count?

Inactive followers can impact your Instagram follower count as they may unfollow or stay inactive, leading to fluctuations in the numbers.

What role does Instagram's algorithm play in follower count changes?

Change in Instagram’s algorithm can also cause fluctuations in your follower count. The way Instagram operates can influence how many followers you gain or lose.

Are sudden spikes in followers a result of bots or fake accounts?

If you experience sudden spikes in followers, it could be due to bot accounts or fake followers following you. These accounts may not be genuine followers.

Can the use of hashtags impact follower count fluctuations?

Using hashtags can attract new followers to your Instagram account, but it can also lead to fluctuations in your follower count as people may follow or unfollow based on specific tags.

How can I deal with the constant changes in my follower count?

To cope with the fluctuations in your follower count, focus on engaging with your existing followers, posting quality content, and regularly analyzing your following number to understand patterns.

Is there a way to identify and remove inactive accounts following me?

You can manually unfollow inactive accounts or use third-party tools to identify and remove inactive followers, helping you maintain a more accurate follower count.

What should I do if my follower count keeps changing drastically?

If you notice significant fluctuations in your follower count, assess your recent activity, content quality, and audience interaction as factors that could be influencing the changes.

How can I differentiate between genuine followers and fake accounts?

Genuine followers are those who engage with your content and show consistent interest in your posts, while fake followers are just numbers with no interactions.

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