Video Editing & Making

Through an awesome music video you can give exact idea of your song to your audience. This will definitely helps to increase the impression of your newly out single. With a team professionals we will get you the best out for your music.Check out below packages.

Video Editing

dollar icon160

& Upwards
Up to 10 minutes of RAW files and deliver an up to 2 minute video.

Video Editing

dollar icon300

& Upwards
Up to 25 minutes of RAW files and deliver an up to 3 minute video.

Video Editing

dollar icon420

& Upwards
Up to 45 minutes of RAW files and deliver a legendary music video up to 5 minutes long.

Lyrics Video Creation

dollar icon50

& Upwards
Start with Simple and dope lyric video, full HD with animated text,colors (without characters).

Lyrics Video Creation

dollar icon120

& Upwards

Cool video, full HD with animated text and transitions, background and colors (without characters).

Lyrics Video Creation

dollar icon180

& Upwards

Super lyric video, full HD with animated text and transitions, background, colors and characters.

About Video Editing


Our editor team have been editing videos since 2014 and music video editing for 4 years now. Our goal is that your vision comes true, and we can achieve the result you’ve set your mind to get! We’ll work together all through the process to make sure we make the best possible music video, and you’re satisfied with it!

Editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects, it’s possible to create everything you can imagine thanks to the top-of-the-line plugins and resources to make the music video out of your content.

Whether is assembling, color correcting, color grading, making incredible effects, adding lyrics, or telling a story, I’ve got your back!

What We Need From You

1. Footage: Send ur  the footage we’ll use for the music video. Don’t worry about size or quality, We can handle it!

2. Your Idea: Tell us about your vision for your music video, what would you like, what story you want to tell. We will send you different versions of the music video, so we can discuss through the process and get the best result!

If you have any doubts or would like to discuss a project, send Us  a message!

Note: Please send a message before purchasing the service.


About Lyrical Video Creation

Our goal is to design your lyric video to match your vision of the song.

We know how hard it is for some musicians, bands to find budgets. That’s why we have music video packages with affordable prices! 

We also have many different variations of music videos, so you choose what you like the most. All of our music videos are shot in full HD.

  • And of course the lyrics videos we create are very easy to read.
  • We add more depth and originality and giving the texts subtle movements
  • We also create minimal kinetic typography videos.
  • We use characters that reflects the meaning of your words.



  1. The awesome audio file to be used (mp3, wav, aiff, etc)
  2. The lyrics of the song (pdf, docx, doc, txt, etc).


 Feel free to ask us any questions.

Order and let us bring your imaginations to life.