Organic Campaigns

Dope Music Promotions Organic Campaign is the most popular service category among artist. As an upcoming artists we know that  you are looking for something real,real growth,real engagements,real feedbacks from fans. This category is best for you to build your music.


dollar icon10

& Upwards
Organic Results
100% Real Engagements
100% Organic
Real Exposure


dollar icon25

& Upwards

Mostly US Targeted
400-500 Reach Per day
100% Real Engagements
Massively Helps in Video


dollar icon70

& Upwards
7 days to 30 days Placements
Organic Engagements
100% authentic
Better ranking

Apple Music

dollar icon20

& Upwards
Real and organic streams
Adding for 3 playlists
Accept 3 songs
Best in the market

Why Choose Organic Campaigns?

  • Organic Marketing
  • Genuine Engagements To Build Regular Fanbase
  • Delivery Starts In 24 Hours
  • Targeted on Your Genre

Will It Help To Earn Royalties?

Yes, it is absolutely. You will get royalties for your streams as we use organic music marketing methods. (We can not guaranteed amount of royalties you will get because we can not control the engagements of the audience which comes to you through the promotion campaigns) Surely we can say the results through our campaigns will help you to build fans on your music carrier.

How Organic Campaigns Help Your Music Carrier?

We got you and we know there’s no effect on your music with botted or fake results.Our promotion is 100% authentic.We will provide less than fake promotion but it will be real and you will see that. Through our promotions we target your audience related to your genre so that will help you to increase the fanbase organically. Regular fanbase should be your target and we are here to help you through the way.