Radio Plays (USA)

Rise up with your voice to the world through our radio promotion packages. There campaigns are mostly targeted on Us listeners. By agreements with radio stations located in Europe, United States of America, Canada and Australia, we can offer you an exclusive and professional promotion for a reasonable price


Radio Promotion


dollar icon55

1 day

ONE DAY of air-play on 562 LIVE Radio (random time)

Radio Promotion


dollar icon110

7 days
ONE WEEK of air-play on 562 LIVE Radio (Prime-time listening hours).

Radio Promotion


dollar icon170

1 month
ONE MONTH of air-play on 562 LIVE Radio (Prime-time listening hours).

About Radio Promotion Service

GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD! Work with a radio station that appreciates your music and is looking for new talent. We will get your music to th world!


Want to get a jump start with your new music on the Radio? Get the highest visibility possible on our station, with guaranteed airplay during prime time hours.

And for added exposure, when your song plays you will also get the following to BOOST your exposure to the maximum;

  • Set aside Prime Time slots for unsigned artists, your song will be played right alongside FAMOUS artists.
  • Your track will be for sale (if available) to buy on the radio website with Apple Music.
  • Artists Spotlight placement on the Pop-Up Player.


562 LIVE Radio is The Beat of Long Beach, California! (SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN) *You must own the 100% master copyright for your track and give us permission to play your music. The track must be radio-ready (properly mastered and normalized) with a length of approximately 4:00 minutes.


IMPORTANT: Purchase when ready to upload track! We will cancel your order if not ready today.