How to get more plays on Soundcloud

How to get more plays on Soundcloud
by Daniel Randwick

Getting more plays on Soundcloud is an every artists dream. Now a days Soundcloud is a major platform for upcoming artists to spread their  talents to the world music. In Soundcloud it is super easy to upload your music in  few minutes and its free. But to gaining a regular fanbase is not much easy as a upcoming artist. Following tips will definitely help you to go ahead with your career on Soundcloud

As an artist, the primary responsibility of your music rests on your shoulders. The choice is yours to make if you want to get heard on huge platforms like Soundcloud, or not.
If you are trying to make the best use of the SoundCloud platform and get more SoundCloud plays for your music, then this article is one you would find value in. We will be going through 6 SoundCloud promotion techniques by which you can get more plays for your music. Let’s dive in.

How to get more plays on Soundcloud

1. Make Really Good Music
This is the first and most important step to consider when getting your music out there. While promoting any music, crap or otherwise is possible, only actually great music can stand the test when the audience comes knocking. No matter the amount of marketing or PR you give to any music, if it is not up to par, no one would want to listen, and you just won’t get plays.
People don’t buy things they don’t need. So, if people don’t like your music, they just won’t listen, especially on a large platform like SoundCloud, where they have a lot of other music to explore. So the question is, do you upload your music even if it’s not up to par? Well, that question has no definite answer. But on a platform like SoundCloud, you can delete a track with just the push of a button, so if you’re going to upload to get audience feedback to find out what best works for you, and perhaps remove the track later, it sounds reasonable. Bottom line is to make good music.

2. Leverage Existing Audience
As confusing as this might be to say, it’s true. There are always people who would be better music marketers than you. Don’t go revamping the wheel, use these people for your benefit. People commit themselves to finding good music and sharing them with the particular audience that loves it, that is what you should do as well. Find SoundCloud channels that can have your music delivered to a larger audience than you could possibly reach. These could be in the form of famous musical labels, artists with a high followers count, promotional channels, repost channels, and so on.
Offsite audiences on Youtube, blogs, influencer accounts on social media, and radio channels can also send additional listeners your way. Don’t just go messaging anyone because they have a high audience, find channels that suit or entertain your type of music, since they are already on the lookout for them. When you find a channel, play a few of their previously shared music, see if you find something similar to yours. Once you find who to send your track to, the next line of action is to figure out how to go about it.

3. Reach Out Via Email
The use of emails for messaging is old, but it’s still the best. Email messaging is simple and clear. What better way to deliver a message than on a platform everyone makes use of, so you’re sure your recipient will get it. With emails, you can communicate with almost anyone, artists, labels, influencers, repost channels, and others. Not to say other communication avenues like Facebook and Instagram don’t work. But always try emails before others.
Here are a few pointers to have in mind when sending emails;
* The recipient you’re reaching out to might be time conscious, so go straight to the point.
* Add your link to the email message so that the recipient can easily listen to your sound.
* Don’t just send your link, be conversational.
* If they haven’t replied, follow up for at least a week. Not everyone might take action the first time.

4. Utilize Repost Chains
This is one of the most useful tools on SoundCloud when engaging in organic SoundCloud promotion. Repost chains are a practical way to make use of the force of multiple accounts in an organized and simple way. A repost chain is a group of people who repost a track automatically, each at a certain timed interval, to get full exposure. Just get a couple of music friends in a chain and as one person submits a new track to the chain, they get reposted by others. As you individually gain followers, your reach gets multiplied each time. But before joining a repost chain, first, consider if it resonates with your brand. If it doesn’t, you should hold off to avoid damaging your brand. Some people also do not like the repost feature personally, so think if it’s okay with you or not.

5. Make Your Track Discoverable
Since SoundCloud now has the ‘discover‘ tab available, another way to carry out adequate SoundCloud promotion and get plays for your track is to get your music featured on the Soundcloud discover tab. You can best do this by properly naming your track, adding the correct genre tag and other relevant tags. The more data SoundCloud has, the better chances of discovery your track have, which means more SoundCloud plays for your track.

6. Don’t Take The Easy Road
Do not buy fake plays. Everyone wishes to have results without working for it. But most times it’s just not worth it. A few thousand extra  ”generated” plays you purchase in a short term can make you lose the trust of your true fans, damage your career, and even get your account shut down because it is against the terms of use stipulated by SoundCloud. When you are searching to buy Soundcloud promotion, make sure it is an organic and real promotion. Also ask for recommendations. Companies like Dope Music Promotions, Omari MC and Sound on Heat, are some recommended companies to have an organic promotions on Soundcloud. Otherwise Bought plays are fake and don’t just make the cut as successful results of organic SoundCloud promotion.

In general, music promotion should go beyond SoundCloud, but if you are looking to get heard on the SoundCloud platform, following the tips provided in this article will guarantee you success.

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