How to promote music on Soundcloud in 2024

How to promote music on Soundcloud in 2023
by Daniel Randwick

Promote music on Soundcloud is  importatnt for upcoming artists to be get noticed. As a musician, making a piece of good music is certainly not enough. Especially if you are looking to make a career out of it. Just like any other commodity, you have to make sure your music reaches the consumer through promotion and distribution. Promotion exposes your music to potential listeners and helps you build a fan base. It sets you on the path to becoming famous. With the exposure, you stand a chance of becoming someone’s new favorite artist. And with fame comes more gigs which translate to more money. Back in the day, you needed a good distribution company or a record label to sell your music. But these days, music has gone digital creating an opportunity for independent artists to thrive. Now you  really don’t need a record label or a distribution company to make your music heard.

There are so many online platforms where artists can promote and distribute their music on their own terms. So many musical artists are making use of this opportunity to promote their craft. Artists like Chance the Rapper, Dax, Lil Dicky, Karmain have embraced this opportunity and used it to push themselves to stardom. Digital platforms like SoundCloud have given artists a platform to showcase their music.

How to promote music on Soundcloud

Through SoundCloud promotion, artists like Post Malone, Kehlani, and even Xxxtentacion and so many came into the limelight. Although the platform is now facing fierce competition from so many other music distribution platforms, SoundCloud still has so many loyal listeners even more than most other platforms. This is mostly because SoundCloud has no “gatekeepers” and anyone can upload music whenever they desire and it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from. Everybody is welcome to SoundCloud. It doesn’t matter if you are a popular artist or a newbie, SoundCloud doesn’t discriminate.

SoundCloud is the equivalent of YouTube as they both give a level playing field for everyone to thrive.
SoundCloud has over 200 Million music creators promoting their music on the platform worldwide and this has made it more difficult for artists to get discovered. It has become very easy to get lost in a large crowd and even more challenging to get in front of an audience. So many artists are just throwing their music into SoundCloud and praying that miraculously, their music starts popping. Well, that’s a very risky fantasy. Even on SoundCloud, music promotion requires strategy. To carry out a real SoundCloud promotion that will yield positive results, you have to put all the marketing, promotional, analytical, and distributional tools you have at your disposal into use. You may be wondering, what tools are these? And how can they help you become more visible on the SoundCloud platform. This article will teach you how to go about a SoundCloud promotion in a way that yields positive results. With this, you’ll learn all the hacks and hints of SoundCloud promotion that will take your music career to the next level.


Tips On How To Promote Music On SoundCloud

Here are a few hints you can apply to take your SoundCloud promotion to the next level.

•Link your SoundCloud to your different social media accounts – By synching your SoundCloud to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc. You increase your chances of actually being discovered. Building an audience on different platforms is a more aggressive approach to music promotion and it gives you an edge on SoundCloud by expanding your reach. It is very likely for someone that follows you on one platform to follow you on another. You can post music videos on YouTube. But if you can’t shoot a music video yet, you can still upload your music with a still photo, a couple of pictures, or an animation. It doesn’t matter as long as you have an active presence on the platform. You can shoot a video when you can afford to. 
Twitter allows you to communicate with your fans. You can engage them in a conversation by tweeting and responding to their replies to your tweet. Through Twitter, you can get your followers to retweet your content from SoundCloud and other social media platforms like YouTube. Try to be as unique, friendly, and approachable as possible as this will help you win the heart of your followers.
Instagram helps you establish your brand as a musical artist. It gives your name a face making it easier for the audience to recognize you and distinguish you from the crowd.


•Check your analytical data- This data provides information on your performance over some time. It also exposes you to information regarding your listeners, their age bracket, and location. This information will help you target your content to suit your audience.


•Collaboration- Collaboration exposes you to a new set of audiences. It is the oldest trick in the book. It is said that collaboration drives the entire music industry. Features have a promotional effect.


•Do covers- Remixing or do covers popular songs that have gone viral can help you become more visible as it exposes you to the fan base of the artist whose song you chose to remix


•Interact more- Try to establish communication with fans and other music artists. This will give you a presence on the platform and make you visible for collaborations. Be selective and engage with only contents and artists you really like. Don’t be fake.


•Go pro on SoundCloud: Promote music on Soundcloud made easy with provider it self. Going pro on SoundCloud gives you access to some useful tools that will not only improve your revenue but also help improve your marketing strategy.
You can make it easier for people to find your music on SoundCloud by applying these tips. Also, make sure that your content has quality as this is very important. Give your songs clear titles that are easy to read and remember. You’ll know your efforts are paying off by tracking your success on all the different platforms using the analytical data provided. 
Good luck as you embark on your musical journey to fame!!

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