Soundcloud Promotion

Rise up with your voice to the world through our radio promotion packages. There campaigns are mostly targeted on Us listeners. By agreements with radio stations located in Europe, United States of America, Canada and Australia, we can offer you an exclusive and professional promotion for a reasonable price


About Soundcloud Promotion Service


We work with lot of radio stations that review and appreciates music and is looking for new talent. We will get your music to the world!

Want to get a jump start with your new music on the Radio? Get the highest visibility possible on our stations which guarantees airplays for your music.

And for added exposure, when your song plays you will also get the following toBOOST your exposure to the maximum;

What is radio promotion?  

Radio promotion is a successful marketing strategy nowadays. Newly originated musicians  cannot directly get connected to radio stations. They need to hire independent radio  promoters to fill the gap between artists and radio stations. They introduce new songs to  program directors, music directors and DJs as well. Radio promoters rely on a network of  professional connections at radio stations. They categorize music products and select the  best radio station suitable for your genre. It’s true that terrestrial radio has fallen down to a  some extent but still newer forms of radio such as apple music, Spotify…has the power to  introduce new audiences for the musicians .  

A radio promoter is an individual or professional who acts as a mediator between the  musicians and the radio stations and get their client’s music played by the radio stations.  Radio promoters play a crucial role in music promotion campaigns. Their main function is to  get airplay for the client’s latest releases. For that need to build up a good rapport with  station managers and related personnel who decides the songs to be played on the radio  playlists. Radio promoters deal with all types of genres of music. So musicians can easily  reach different types of listeners. First you need to find a successful radio promoter get the  maximum return for the money you invest. Given below are some such successful radio  promotion campaigns you can keep your trust on. 

Dope Music Promotions is dedicated towards successful radio promotions at affordable prices .  Musicians are able to experience very cost effective budgets and 100% real  interactions. You can select from their radio promotion packages in various radio startions that spread over the world.The reasons why you should select dope music includes 

  • High quality promotions 
  • Excellent and real customer support 
  • Speed and reliability 
  • Assistance of industrial experts  
  • 100% moneyback guarantee ( if we failed to play your song)  
  • Access to worldwide radio stations 
  • Guaranteed airplay during prime time hours  

Their radio promotion campaigns are targeted basically on US listeners. By  paying a quite reasonable price starting from just $20. You can simply  submit your original tracks with 100% master copyright and simply the  permission to play it . They possess an estimated amount of 3 million users  on networks as trusted music promoters over years. You can select from a  wide range of radio stations which matches your genre and country. 



    • Purchase when ready to upload track! We will cancel your order if not ready today.
    • You must own the 100% master copyright for your track and give us permission to play your music. The track must be radio-ready (properly mastered and normalized) with a length of approximately 4:00 minutes.