How to Write an Effective Spotify Music Pitch for Artists

Spotify Music Pitch for Artists
by Daniel Randwick

In today’s music world, getting on Spotify’s playlists is big for any musician. These playlists bring in about 30% of all Spotify plays. There are around 150 people who make these editorial playlists. But, no matter your fame, you can now ask Spotify to listen to your songs.

how to write spotify pitch

To get noticed, emerging artists need a good Spotify pitch. You should send one song that hasn’t come out yet, and do it about a month before it’s released. Making your submission catchy and timely boosts your chance of being picked.

For those ready to move up in the music world, knowing how to pitch to Spotify is key. This guide will show you, whether you’re just starting or have been at it for a while. It’ll guide you on using Spotify’s artist tools and making a pitch that the playlist makers will like.

Key Takeaways

  • Spotify editorial playlists account for about 30% of all streams on the platform.
  • Since 2017, approximately 150 curators have been responsible for creating Spotify’s editorial playlists.
  • Artists of all fame levels can submit their music for editorial consideration on Spotify.
  • Submissions should ideally be made 4 to 5 weeks before the release date.
  • Only one unreleased song can be pitched at a time.

Introduction to Spotify Music Pitching

Spotify’s pitch process is a great chance for artists to gain exposure. It is unique because all artists, big or small, can share their music directly. This means you can reach out to millions of listeners. Knowing how to pitch well is key to grabbing this opportunity.

Why Spotify Pitching Matters

Getting on Spotify’s own playlists can really help artists. This is because many people listen to these playlists. In fact, 30% of all listening time on Spotify goes to these playlists. So, if you get your song on one, you could gain a lot of fans and attention.

150 music experts create these playlists, aiming to bring new music to fans. Playlists like Fresh Finds are a sign of Spotify’s commitment to new artists.

Overview of Spotify’s Editorial Playlists

There’s no doubt about the power of Spotify editorial playlists. They are chosen with care to make Spotify a great place to find music. They cover all kinds of music, helping all users find something they love. This way, listeners stay engaged and come back for more.

Spotify offers different playlists to match user tastes. Algorithm-driven playlists like Discover Weekly pick songs just for you. Meanwhile, user-made playlists are important for sharing personal music tastes. These connections help build a strong music community.

When pitching, aim to send your music early, about 4 to 5 weeks before it’s out. Make sure your track is the best it can be. Good music stands a better chance of making it onto these influential playlists, which can increase your listener base significantly.

Understanding Spotify for Artists (S4A)

Spotify for Artists (S4A) is a key tool for artists. It helps them get more listeners on Spotify. With it, musicians can handle their artist profile, share their songs, and see how their music is doing. By using the Spotify for Artists portal well, artists have a better chance of getting on Spotify’s official playlists.

Setting Up Your Spotify for Artists Profile

First, artists should create a standout artist profile on Spotify for Artists. They should write a bio, upload great pictures, and connect their social media. A strong profile makes it easier to share your songs and gives editors a good idea about you. This is important when you’re trying to get on playlists.

Leveraging S4A Features for Pitching

Spotify’s S4A has features that help artists promote their music. For example, the Release Radar playlist shows new songs to an artist’s followers if submitted at least 7 days before release. Also, artists can ask for their songs to be considered for other playlists through the portal. This means an editor will be sure to check them out.

Remember, you can pitch only one song at a time. After it goes live, you can pitch another. If your song isn’t chosen right away, it might still catch an editor’s eye later. Also, by adding a pitched song to the playlist, you can keep it visible for up to 28 days. Making this request usually takes about 3 days after the song is live.

The Spotify for Artists portal also shows how songs are doing after they’re released. This helps artists and their teams see what works. Using these insights, musicians can make their promoting and pitching efforts stronger.

Preparing Your Music for Submission

Before sending your music out, make sure it shines with *high-quality production*. Good sound quality is key for getting on playlists. This shows you’re serious about your *music career* and helps get the right attention.

Ensuring High-Quality Production

A *perfect pitch* starts with a song that sounds really good. About 30% of Spotify streams come from playlists. So, it’s important to have your songs mixed and mastered well. This helps them not get lost among many others.

It’s also smart to have clean versions of your songs. This can help reach more people and avoid issues with *playlist placements*.

Selecting the Right Song to Pitch

Picking the right *unreleased song* for pitching matters a lot. Choose tracks that fit the playlists you want to be on. Since you can only pitch one at a time on Spotify, pick your best one.

Also, make sure to submit your track about 4 to 5 weeks before its *release day*. This timing can boost your track’s chances of getting selected.

Importance of Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering are crucial in getting your track ready. They turn a good song into a *compelling pitch*. Everything should sound just right – from the vocals to the instruments.

A polished track stands out to curators. It might just get you those great *playlist placements* you’re hoping for.

Crafting Your Pitch: Essentials for Success

Creating a great Spotify music pitch is like an art form. It can be the key to landing your songs in playlists. You need to start with a strong opening line, clearly show your genre and sound, and match your pitch to the right playlists. This not only makes playlist curators notice you but also fits your music with what Spotify’s playlists are looking for.

Writing a Compelling Opening Line

Starting your pitch with a bang is crucial. The first line is your chance to pull in the playlist curator. It must be catchy and represent your music’s unique charm. A great opening line sets a tone that can make your whole pitch stand out.

Let’s Imagine we are writing a Spotify pitch for pop song called “Keep in Mind”

“Get ready to fall in love with ‘Keep in Mind,’ the next breakout pop anthem that’s set to dominate your playlists and steal your heart.”

Defining Your Genre and Sound

It’s important to be clear about your music’s genre and sound. Spotify’s curators deal with a wide range of genres and themes. So, it’s vital to be specific. Even if your music crosses genres, explain how in a simple way. This makes it easier for curators to place your music in the best playlists, reaching more people.

“Keep in Mind”  is a quintessential example of modern pop music. Rooted firmly in the pop genre, the song exemplifies the key characteristics that define contemporary pop: catchy melodies, polished production, and relatable lyrics. This genre is known for its wide appeal, blending elements from various musical styles to create tracks that are both radio-friendly and emotionally resonant”

Personalizing Your Pitch for Specific Playlists

Not all pitches should be the same. Making your pitch unique to each playlist can make a big difference. Do your homework on the playlist’s theme and audience. Then, explain why your song fits perfectly. This shows playlist curators you’re serious and knowledgeable about their playlist.

crafting your pitch

Storytelling Techniques for a Memorable Pitch

Using storytelling in your Spotify pitch can make it stand out. When you share the story behind your song, it becomes more real. This touches curators in a special way.

Sharing the Inspiration Behind Your Song

Talking about the inspiration behind your music creates an emotional pitch. It could be a personal story or a big event. This makes your pitch more interesting to curators.

“Keep in Mind” was born out of a deeply personal experience that many listeners will find relatable. The song was inspired by a period of reflection on past relationships and the enduring impact they have on our lives. I wanted to capture the bittersweet emotions that come with reminiscing about love—both the joy of cherished memories and the pang of what might have been.”

Adding Emotional and Descriptive Elements

Include emotional and descriptive elements in your story to make it memorable. Describe the emotions and mood of your music using descriptive language. This will engage curators just like your music does.

“Keep in Mind” emerged from a deeply emotional and reflective chapter in my life, embodying the poignant mix of nostalgia, love, and heartache that resonates universally.”

Using these techniques can boost your pitch’s appeal. It helps build your music’s brand and strengthens your own brand as an artist. Sharing personal stories makes your music unique. A good pitch could lead to more people finding your music on Spotify.

Including Essential Information in Your Pitch

To make a Spotify pitch work, adding key details is crucial. It boosts your chances with curators. Here are the main things you should include.

Creating a Concise and Impactful Artist Bio

Your artist bio is very important for your pitch. It should be short but powerful. Make it tell curators who you are as an artist. Talk about your music journey, what inspires you, and what sets your music apart. Keep it brief yet touching on your personality and music’s soul.

Providing Direct Links to Your Music

Be sure to give direct music links to your tracks. This makes it easy for curators to listen to your songs. Also, share links to your Spotify and other platforms. It helps the review process go smoothly. Check this link for more tips on using links in your pitch.

Mentioning Press, Radio, and Notable Achievements

Talking about your press coverage, radio play, and notable music achievements can boost your pitch’s credibility. If you’ve won press recognition or received airplay, mention it. It tells curators that your music is worth their time. This can help promote your music on Spotify.

spotify promotion

Editorial playlists make up 30% of Spotify streams. Promoting your music effectively can grow your fan base a lot. Remember, Spotify lets every artist submit music. So, don’t miss the chance to make a great pitch by sharing all the key info.

Summarizing – How to Write Spotify Pitch Tips and Tricks

To craft a successful Spotify pitch, you need both art and strategy. Artist submissions are key in music discovery on Spotify. They help you reach more listeners. Here are pitch tips and tricks to help you do this well.

1. Research and Understand Playlists

Discover the playlist type that suits your music best. Editorial playlists lead to high engagement. Algorithmic playlists give a personalized touch. User-created ones showcase unique curations.

2. Prepare High-Quality Production

It’s crucial to have your music well-produced. Ensure your track is mixed and mastered perfectly. A clean version can get you on more playlists and dodge any limitations.

3. Submit Your Music on Time

Spotify suggests sending your music 4 to 5 weeks before it goes live. This way, curators have enough time to review it. They might pick your song for their playlists.

4. Personalize Your Pitch

Make your pitch unique for each playlist. Show why your music fits the playlist’s vibe. Clear genre and tags help your submission get to the right curators.

5. Craft a Compelling Opening Line

Start your pitch with something that grabs attention. A strong first line can make your pitch unforgettable.

6. Share Your Story

Use storytelling to enrich your pitch. Share the story behind your song. This adds valuable context to your submission.

7. Highlight Achievements

Talk about any press or radio play your music has had. Mention any big milestones. This shows your track is worth a listen.

8. Keep It Concise

Make your pitch brief and to the point. Curators get many submissions, so clarity and brevity are key to standing out.

By using these pitch tips and tricks with a smart strategy, you can become an ace at pitching your songs on Spotify. Even though it’s competitive, a well-thought-out pitch can boost your chance of getting on a top Spotify playlist.

Common Pitfalls in Spotify Pitching

Several pitfalls might make your Spotify pitch less likely to succeed. One major mistake is avoiding lengthy introductions. It may seem like a good idea to share lots of details about yourself. But, the Spotify editorial team gets many pitches every day. So, it’s better to keep your introduction short and catchy.

Avoiding Lengthy Introductions

Pitching with a clear, short intro ensures your main message stands out. Talk about what’s special in your music. If your intro is too long, it might not get read fully. This could lower your chance of getting on playlists.

Staying Relevant and Focused

It’s also a mistake to not stay on track. Make sure your pitch fits the playlist and its listeners. Personalizing your pitch by mentioning the playlist directly can boost interest from the editorial team. Steer clear of talking about things that aren’t related to your pitch. This keeps your message strong and appealing.

Furthermore, keep your info focused and to-the-point. Use an artist bio, details about your work, and any big achievements. Don’t bog down your pitch with too many details. Too much can be overwhelming. Instead, just share what’s most important.

Avoiding Repetitive Information

Lastly, make sure your pitch isn’t repetitive. Repeating yourself can be boring for readers. Always check your pitch for any repeated parts. Clearing these up makes sure your main messages stand out. This helps keep the editorial team interested, which can up your chances of being playlisted.


What is a Spotify playlist pitch?

A Spotify playlist pitch is a proposal or request that you submit to Spotify to have your music featured on their curated playlists, increasing your reach and exposure.

How can I write an effective Spotify playlist pitch?

To write an effective Spotify playlist pitch, make sure to research the playlist you are targeting, personalize your pitch, highlight what makes your music unique, and be professional yet personable in your communication.

Why is pitching your music to Spotify playlists important?

Pitching your music to Spotify playlists is important because it can significantly increase your chances of getting discovered by new listeners, building your fanbase, and advancing your music career in the competitive music industry.

What are some best practices for pitching your music to Spotify?

Some best practices for pitching your music to Spotify include submitting high-quality tracks, following playlist submission guidelines, building relationships with playlist curators, and staying consistent in your pitching efforts. Learn more about how to write the best Spotify pitch here

What are Spotify editorial playlists, and how can they help my music career?

Spotify editorial playlists are curated by Spotify’s in-house editors and can help boost your music career by exposing your tracks to a larger audience, potentially leading to more streams, followers, and industry recognition.

How can I increase my chances of getting my music on Spotify playlists?

To increase your chances of getting your music on Spotify playlists, focus on creating high-quality music, researching and targeting the right playlists, engaging with fans on social media, networking with industry professionals, and continuously refining your pitching process.

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